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Attention owners of supplement brands, tanning services, competition suit-making companies, and all other fitness-affiliated brands! Are you looking to gain increased exposure among fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilding competitors? Look no further than becoming a partner with EastLabsPhoto!

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  • Web banner on
  • Web banner inside customer’s emails
  • Web banner integrated into the order system
  • Logo placed on photos published on

300 EUR / month


  • Bronze package
  • Logo placed on photos published on Instagram
  • Printed logo on shirts and hoodies
  • Video outro in videos published on Instagram
  • Website link displayed on our profile

400 EUR / month


  • Bronze and silver package
  • Promo text included in Instagram posts
  • Mention in our Instagram bio
  • PR article published on
  • Printed logo on roll-ups and banners

500 EUR / month


  • Bronze, silver and gold package
  • Exclusive partner – Only one partner with will be promoted, and no other partners will be displayed on

2000 EUR / month

Highly experienced

Our team is highly experienced in fitness photography. We have attended over 350 bodybuilding and fitness competitions across the whole world in past 13 years.

High quality

You will get photos taken with professional photography equipment in the maximum available resolution, suitable for print or web use.

Easy registration

With our easy system you can register weeks before competition so you do not have to spend time at the competition taking care of this.