Need photos from those competitions? Pre-order them now for 20€! Click on competition name for registration.

Do not want to pay online? Do not worry. In most cases, we are also at weigh-in/registration where you can buy photos.

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Are you an IFBB competitor and are you looking for high-resolution (HQ) photos? We are selling HQ stage photo packages for a great price – 20 €.

This package contains all your photos from the desired competition (posing routine, individual presentation, comparison or award ceremony). Photos are taken only by EastLabs team members (Jakub CSONTOS and Igor KOPCEK). All this for a low cost (20 €), all photos are high quality. You will receive photos in digital format (format .jpeg) via Dropbox or similiar cloud storage. Photos are intended primarily for personal use (for commercial use you need to ask us for permission).

The process of handling your photos is done by experienced and skilled fitness photographers with professional equipment (Nikon and Canon). Our team members are always providing material for IFBB who use them for education, posters, commercials, magazines etc.


What you will get?

• Individual photos (elimination, semifinals)
• Comparison photos (finals)
• I-walk or posing routine
• Award ceremony
• Everything in high-resolution .jpg digital format


It depends on many factors – your performance, number of photographers we have at the competition, speed of judging etc. For example if you end up in elimination you can expect at least 4 photos (4 poses – in case we have only 1 photographer) but if you win your category it can be 80-100 photos. We always try to take as many pictures as possible.

Usually it can take up to 7 days after the last day of the show for small competitions (e.g. Diamond Cup) or 14 days for big competitions (European Championships, World Championships, Arnold Classic). In exceptional situations (failure of equipment, injury, unplanned delays), this period may be extended to 21 days. After 21 days if you have not received your photos you can ask for a full refund (does not apply if you gave us the wrong contact information).

If you want to buy photos after the competition you can see them first at our partner projects. For bikini-fitness and wellness-fitness go to or, for the rest go to

All photos are stored for at least 30 days inside our Dropbox. If you cannot find them we can re-search and re-send them for a small fee of 5€.

At the competition you can only pay with cash. If you want to pay before/after the competition you can pay via bank-transfer or PayPal.

You can find us at weigh-in/registration (usually we have a big roll-up with our logo there, and we are there for the whole day). If you missed us you can catch us at the competition – we are always right in the middle of the press line :). You can also meet us in a hotel, just write us an e-mail for further information.

In our archive we have photos from the last 10 years. There is a longer waiting time for us to dig out photos older than this, also we have to be sure we have your photos. If you want them, just contact us and we will try to find them.

We may have made a mistake. If you found that some photos (according to our web galleries) or all photos are missing please contact us ASAP.

You should get a confirmation mail to your e-mail within 24 hours (does not matter if you registred online before the competition or personally at the competition). If you did not receieve an e-mail please contact us ASAP.

If you do not see any photos/e-mail in your inbox please check your SPAM folder. If it is there please mark the mail as NOT SPAM. If you do not see any mail in the SPAM folder please contact us ASAP.

You should always look at our previous work to be sure that you want photos from us. We provide refunds only in 2 cases – if you receive less than 3 individual photos or if you do not receive photos  21* days after the competition.

*21 days is the maximum you will have to wait and it will only be this long if we encounter any sort of problem. The standard time for photos to get to you is 7 days for small competitions and 14 days for big competitions.

Photos are intended primarily for personal use – for commercial use you need to ask us for permission.

If you entered your correct e-mail, there should be a link for editing information. If you gave us the wrong e-mail address please contact us ASAP.

Yes! We take photos of everyone at the competition, it does not matter if you paid upfront or not.


Are you a competition organizer and you need photographers for your event? Contact us and we will send you a business offer!


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Jakub Csontos
Jakub CsontosStage photographer
Stanislav Hricko
Stanislav HrickoBackstage photographer
Igor Kopcek
Igor KopcekStage photographer


If you need any help, do not hesitate to contact us via the form below or any other contact form. We communicate only in English.